Sunfrogshirts Training

1. Why Sunfrogshirts?

Something similar to Teespring

  • Time limit - You have the options to use the time limit or not. And easily adjust the time range as many times as you want.
  • Worldwide shipping – You can sell to any country.
  • Selling method – Use the same selling method you used for Teespring shirts.
  • Payment - Sunfrog pay you on the first day of the month. If your commission is above $250, you can request the payout immediately. There are 3 payment methods:
    • Paypal
    • Direct Deposit into your account. *US Banks Only
    • Check
    • As Paypal fee is high and check is slow, I recommend you use Direct Deposit. If you don’t have a US Bank Account, sign up for a Payoneer account here and get $25 in your account (use a proxy if you couldn’t access the link). The money loaded onto my Payoneer account about 2 days after I request a payout.

Advantages compare to Teespring

  • Earn money on every single sale - You don’t have to meet the goal to receive the money, easier for newbie.
  • Use as many color for your design as you want - Commission base on the percentage of the shirt price, you’ll receive same amount of commission regardless the number of colors of your design.
  • Commission - There are two types of commission you will get:
    • Artist commission - 5.5% of the shirt price if you sell your own design or someone sell your design, 0% if you sell someone else’s design.
    • Affiliate commission - Normally 35% of the shirt price. To receive 40%, sign up for an account using this link
    • If you send traffic to your t-shirt, then people buy someone else’s t-shirt, you still receive affiliate commission (I receive a lot commission from this).
    • Earn more when people buy large size (2X Large, 3X Large have +$3 on the shirt price).
  • Widgets - If you have a landing page, you can put the provided widgets to increase sales.
  • Collections - You can create your own collection of the same style of shirts, send traffic to the collection and earn money when people buy any shirt in that collection.

2. Upload your design

To upload your design, go to the Upload Art under Design section.

Step 1

Sunfrogshirts Training - Upload Art Step 1

Click on the Select New Art File button and browse for your art file.

Note: your art file can be .jpg or .png and must be high resolution with minimum dimensions 2400px x 3200px

After chosen your art file, click Next

Watch this video from Sunfrogshirts for more details of step 1:

Step 2

Sunfrogshirts Training - Upload Art Step 2

Step 2.1 - Download the shirt templates

In this step we need to download the shirt templates to create the mockup files of the shirt.

  • There are 3 shirt templates you need to download: Guys Template, Ladies Template, Hoodie Template
  • You only need to download those templates once and use later to create mockup files for other shirts.

Step 2.2 - Choose the Color

Select the primary color of your shirt.

For example: if the primary color of your shirt is RED, then select RED.

Step 2.3 – Select Mockup File

Click on the Select Mockup File to select the primary mockup file of your shirt.

For example: You selected RED as the primary color in previous step. Then choose the mockup file of the RED shirt in this step

Then click Next

Watch this video from Sunforgshirts for more details of step 2:

Step 3 – Add Description

Sunfrogshirts Training - Upload Art Step 3

Add information of your shirts

Recommend: Choose the right Category and add the relevant tags will help customer find your shirt easier.

Click Finish Design to upload your design.

>>> Those steps are enough when you only sell Guys and Ladies shirt with 1 color. If you need to add Hoodie or more colors, go to Edit Art.

3. Edit Art

To edit your design, go to the Edit Art under Design section.

Step 1

Sunfrogshirts Training - Edit Art Step 1

Click Edit Details button under your design

Step 2

Sunfrogshirts Training - Edit Art Step 2

Step 2.1 – Add Color

To add more color, click Add Color button

Sunfrogshirts Training - Edit Art - Add Color

  • Click Choose File button to choose the mockup file you want to add.
  • Select the type and color from the dropdown box.
  • Then click Add Color button.

Repeat this step for every type and color you want to add.

Step 2.2 – Enable Limited Time

Sunfrogshirts Training - Edit Art - Enable Limited Time

  • Check the Enable Limited Time checkbox.
  • Select Start and End date

You can extend the time range or disable limited time at any time you want.

Step 2.3 – Other options

Sunfrogshirts Training - Edit Art

  • Click on the thumbnail image of that type and color to select it.
    • DELETE this disign from – delete a type or color.
    • Make primary / default color option - make a type or color primary.
    • Exclude from site search – hide your design from the search result of Sunfrogshirts.
    • Artist only page – only you can see your design on your manager page, nobody can see it on Newest, Best Sellers and other categories.
    • Do not allow Google to index – hide your design from Google Search.
  • Click the Update button to apply.

4. Create a shirt collection

With a collection of t-shirts, you only need to send traffic to that collection and receive commission for every shirt sold in that collection.

To create a shirt collection, go to the Collections under Selling section.

Sunfrogshirts Training - Create collection - Step 1

You can create up to 20 collections. Click on Create New to create your collection.

Sunfrogshirts Training - Create collection - Step 2

Enter your collection’s name then click Create button.

Sunfrogshirts Training - Create collection - Step 3

Click ADD Items button to add shirts into your collection.

Sunfrogshirts Training - Create collection - Step 4

Browse the categories on the left for the shirts you want or type a keyword on the search box. Click + Collection to add a shirt into your collection.

Sunfrogshirts Training - Create collection - Step 5

Drag and drop the shirts to arrange, then click Update button to save change.

Important: after you re-arrange your shirts or add new shirts into collection, you must click Update button or your collection will not be saved.

Add a banner for your collection

It is ok if your collection does not have a banner. But your collection will look more professional with a good banner.

To add a banner, choose a .jpg file with the dimension 793px x 226px then click Update button.

Sunfrogshirts Training - Create collection - Step 6

5. Add a Sunfrog widget to your website


If you have a website, it is a good idea to add a Sunfrog widget.

Go to Widgets under Selling section to create a widget.

Sunfrogshirts Training - Add a widget

  • Choose a category you want, type the button text and choose button color.
  • Then copy the widget code and paste on your website.

Watch this video from Sunfrogshirts for more details:

6. Sunfrogshirts affiliate link

After created your Sunfrogshirts account, you will have an ID in this format ?1234.

To sell a t-shirt, add your ID at the end of that t-shirt’s link.


Important: make sure you added your ID to a t-shirt you want to sell to get the affiliate commission.

If you promote your collection, just use the collection link (no need to add your ID at the end of your collection link). When a customer click on a t-shirt in the collection, he/she will redirect to that t-shirt’s link with your ID added.

7. Adding Google and Facebook codes

Google Analytics

Go to Google Analytics under Traffic section. Just need to add your Google Analytics ID look like UA-XXXXX-X

Sunfrogshirts Training - Google Analytics

Facebook Retargeting

Go to Facebook Retargeting under Traffic section. Just need to add your Facebook Retargeting ID.

Sunfrogshirts Training - Facebook Retargeting

Facebook Conversion Pixel

Go to Facebook Retargeting under Traffic section. Find the code similar to the one on the image below at the end of your Facebook Conversion Pixel.

Sunfrogshirts Training - Facebook Conversion Pixel